Monday, March 21, 2011

Freezer Paper

that "freezer paper" t-shirt stencil that i saw on Uni Watch that i mentioned here...

i started the project this weekend

first, i bought the Freezer Paper:

didn't have a clue what i was getting into with that stuff, but it's shiny on one side, and paper on the other.

then, i drew up a logo of just another company that exists in my world. fairly intricate. don't want to give you a straight-on color version of it yet (what fun is that?)... would rather you all see the progress and finished product.

but i took to printing it out to scale, cutting it out, then tracing it onto the freezer paper:

 then cutting again.

my progress:

would have made it alot further along on the project... but, i bought the wrong color paint to start out with. also, TK and his friend Mike came into town striaght outta the Bronx, and a fun weekend ensued!

will continue as soon as i get me some paint!

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