Wednesday, September 28, 2011

project840 book club: hockey tales edition

new to the book club, from one of my favorite artists Mr. Rob Ullman (of Atom-Bomb Bikini)!

along with his buddy Jeff Brown, they penned 10 interesting stories of hockey's past. 

in their words:

"Celebrate the Golden Age of the coolest sport on earth. Features stories about Gordie Howe, Michel Briere, Lester Patrick and the Rocket Richard Riot. By Rob Ullman and Jeffrey Brown.
32 color and black and white pages, $6"

i mean, just look at that artwork:

(blurry pic, my fault. please trust that it's of the highest quality)

you can pick up a copy right here:

great work Rob & Jeff! once i opened it up, i didn't put it down. now i'm flipping through again to see some of the artistic details i missed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

non jersey DIY part 2

so i have a reflective construction/whatever (safety) vest that i wear biking in the dark mornings this time of year... so why not:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

non-jersey DIY...

but what will it be? you'll see in the next post! i'm using the inside of the Invaders re-do numbers because they're all around smaller:


went to work fast on these. still need to glue them to the item, and snap some pics. it's all leading up to a larger scale DIY i will be working on just as soon as i receive the material

unrelated to the 2 or 3 DIYs mentioned above, i snapped these pics one night this past weekend in Ocean City MD. love the old school feel. and look how the black on the neon is wearing out:

LOVE the old school/vintage "olympic pool, AC/heat, color TV, radio" sign! if it works, keep it! the harrison is a really great little hotel to stay in. right on the boardwalk!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#40 of the day goes to...

above is Matt Robinson sportin' his new Terps uniform in their 32-24 win over the "Canes in College Park, MD

my thoughts?

when i first saw this jersey... i HATED IT! wrote it off immediately, as i do most college jersey garbage these days!

but... i have to admit, to be fair, it grew on me... BIG TIME!

i actually LIKE the jersey. i like what it's trying for. i did a total 180 on the damn thing. sure, there is a bunch of design elements that can be changed, and or flip-flopped. like the helmet/shoulder colors.

here is the right side:

 here is the left (LOVE that side of the helmet):

and here is the Maryland flag:

quick fixes, it could ditch the compression sleeves, flip flop the helmet colors, ditch the pants stripes for something a tad bit more simple, and maybe throw on a nameplate for the kids. but other than that... i'd wear it

Thursday, September 1, 2011

graaavvveee diggerrr!!!

so i'm working on a collaboration DIY at the moment that i'm i'm too sure i can post just yet. will have to get a ruling, but there are pics waiting in the hopper! will find out over the next 2 days if i should or shouldn't post it just yet.

in the meantime, enjoy some pics from a vist to the garage of my favorite monster truck... and a step back into my youth... GRAVE DIGGER!!!

no fancy, "artsy" pics here... just some badass american muscle via north carolina