Thursday, July 28, 2011

new edition to the DIY fam...

 from the same talented mind & hands that brought us this:

we later go this:

from Robert Marshall! i can't tell you or explain in the right proper words how awesome these handmade bobbleheads are. just simply amazing, and the perfect item for ANY sports fan! thanks moose!

Monday, July 25, 2011

#40 of the day goes to... a Pirate(s fan) looks at 40!

saw this gentleman at the Jimmy Buffett concert here in Pittsburgh last month (June 21st).

you can tell by the gold-black-gold sleeve ribbing that it's a current 2011 Pirates jersey. replica, no MLB logo on the back collar. and we all know the Buccos retired Murtaugh's #40

here is the song it is referencing. one of my favorite Buffett tunes:

i got a kick out of it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

so whadda ya think???

finished this last week, and delivered it to a person not to be named (his wife would be upset for spending the money) haha. you're REALLY gonna have to talk me into EVER making a #8 again. what a pain in the...

also, nameplate question on the home white!


or under?

nameplate color? letters color?

i say, i don't like the nameplate over the number. just too busy up there. i think if it's below the number, a white nameplate, with black letters outlined in yellow would look sharp!

but ultimately, it's a NNOB (No Name On Back UniWatch term) jersey that looks the best for this option.

so what do you guys think?

lastly, have you been voting for the Invaders of Pittsburgh jersey on the Dayton Gems home page (scroll down to the right of their page for their "beer league" contest). please vote, we have till Aug 1st!

as always, hope you all have a great & safe weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

vote early! vote often!!!

"Gems to have a Beer League Night this Upcoming Season"
...was the headline that grabbed my attention!

is what i'm asking you...

the Dayton Gems of the CHL are basically saluting the "beer leagues" with this beer league night promotion. if the Invaders jersey wins the month long contest, the Gems will reproduce, and wear our jerseys. they will also give money to the charity of our choice, amongst other cool things! how cool is that?!?! go read all about the contest here, and follow directions on how to vote:
to vote, go to the home page here: Dayton Gems

go to the right side of the page where it asks:
"Which jersey would you like to see the Gems wear for Beer League Night this upcoming season?"

click on the little circle/dot next to "Invaders of Pittsburgh, PA"

UPDATE: looks as if you can vote once or twice per day?

and keep doing it ALL MONTH LONG!

they ended up going with this pic:

but should have maybe went with something like this:

or even this (j/k):

thanks guys, let's make this happen!