Friday, July 22, 2011

so whadda ya think???

finished this last week, and delivered it to a person not to be named (his wife would be upset for spending the money) haha. you're REALLY gonna have to talk me into EVER making a #8 again. what a pain in the...

also, nameplate question on the home white!


or under?

nameplate color? letters color?

i say, i don't like the nameplate over the number. just too busy up there. i think if it's below the number, a white nameplate, with black letters outlined in yellow would look sharp!

but ultimately, it's a NNOB (No Name On Back UniWatch term) jersey that looks the best for this option.

so what do you guys think?

lastly, have you been voting for the Invaders of Pittsburgh jersey on the Dayton Gems home page (scroll down to the right of their page for their "beer league" contest). please vote, we have till Aug 1st!

as always, hope you all have a great & safe weekend!

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