Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010


was in mexico on vacation all last week.

got a couple projects i'm working on now, so i'll have a few things for you this week! stay tuned!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Outlaws race sweater

here's a little project i had a lot of fun making. right out of high school i played dek hockey for a team called The Outlaws. so it only took me 1 season to redesign the jersey with this logo:

i've since updated it just a bit:

The Outlaws logo has ALWAYS been one of my very favorites. so i decided, why not DIY it. but instead of another hockey jersey, i went with a biking theme. these were amongst my first DIYs, so i was still using felt. all these pics were taken before i had the chance to sew down the letters and symbols. and then glue and sew them onto the jersey. maybe sometime next year i will buy twill, and make this sweater again... but a little tougher. enjoy:

racing themed number/nameplate with screen name/nickname rather than last name:

shot a bit farther away:

sleeve patch:

close up of the front wordmark detail:

front (love the color scheme):

whole front:


patches (note my love for the state of PA with a logo in the middle breaking it up):

and of course, my love for #40. Pittsburgh Penguins style number font:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crabbers... finished!

and just in time for my vacation to Mexico. enjoy the pics:

i found that on lightweight/dri fit material, it's much easier to sew if you back the twill (or whatever) with paper towel. and really easy to rip away when finished:

back of the jersey:



done, and done!

Monday, November 15, 2010


here's a quickie little project i did as a gift to my GF, a huge Pavel Datsyuk fan.

i asked the help of my friend Joe H from maryland and of Jersey Name Frame fame. HIGHLY suggested, by the way. Joe does amazing work! speaking of Joe's work, i asked him if he could make me the Red Wings arched letters "PASHA" and the Red Wings number font "13". Joe recommended a scaled down version to fit a shirt rather than a jersey. he sent them up to me quickly, i ironed and sewed, and this was the result:

while Joe was busy cutting my letters and numbers, i jumped on eBay and ordered a slightly smaller then authentic Red Wings logo for the front. glued and stitched, here:

so that's that! a cool DIY and a happy GF, all in one shot. and like i said, especially with the holidays rolling around, check out Jersey Name Frame for an awesome gift for any sports fan!

Friday, November 12, 2010

princess birthday invasion!!!

just for laughs, i took a princess birthday card and made a few... updates? edits? for my little buddy jake's 10th birthday. he was mad when he opened the envelope and saw the princess, but pretty happy when he opened the card. check it out:

(nozz = one of my nicknames. long story. highschool)

what can i say, the kid loves tanks and monsters!

have a great weekend everyone! and once again, as always:

thank you to all of our active duty service men and women and all of our veterans!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Crabbers, poetry in motion...

The Crabbers!

some of my earliest, and favorite memories are of me and my family crabbing in Ocean City, MD. look at these tasty little guys:

i've always wanted to design a crab-themed jersey of some sort. i copy & pasted a picture of a crab into AutoCAD. loosely traced it out. pulled the trace off of the image, then rearranged some of the legs. also trimmed, reshaped, and cleaned up some lines for a silhouette-like result:
printed to scale on 11x17 paper, and cut. pasted that cut onto heavy card-stock/construction paper and made a template (yellow):

used a simple block lettering, then spaced and radially arched the letters (process from right to left):

glued and sewing the front of the jersey. the jersey is actually a nike dri-fit sleeveless:

front, almost finished:

pics of the back will be posted soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uni Watch >> DIYD: Do-It_Yourself_Disaster 11/3/09

enjoy the back story of my Invaders jersey disaster:

also, my friend Paul Lukas of Uni Watch is selling a DIY of his own creation. definitely pick one up! $13 + SH, you can't beat it:


ordering details:

#7 fix...

yesterday i posted this pic:

the invaders re-design/disaster/whatever you want to call it had me entering the dimensions of the screened/temporary block numbers and making them myself. i wanted to cover up the screened numbers with 2-tone twill sewn-on numbers. the only problem, i "shorted" the upper right side of the 7 by about a 1/4 of an inch. just enough to piss me off every time i looked it it. but you can't see it in this pic, can you:

look closer. i took some white twill and cut it in the shape of the screened number peeking out. not the prettiest of work, but effective.

call that a "field modification"

Monday, November 8, 2010

last week

i finished these 6 jerseys. only about 6 more to go!

got really great feedback from the team though. makes it all worth it for me!

eventually i'm going to make a jersey from scratch, and take pics throughout the whole process for the blog.

business cards

i've wanted a business card now for sometime. i usually keep a couple handy to scribble notes on. so i figured i'd design one that's SUPER simple: just my e-mail addy, and enough space to write down a quick note, phone number, or whatever.

i wanted the back of the card to be catchy and unique too. this image is just the beginning. i want to print it out pretty large, either draw in shading and eyes with a sharpie OR paint some colors with a light watercolor. then scan it back in, and print them out. still a work in progress, but so far so good

everything was drawn & designed in AutoCAD by me

Friday, November 5, 2010

welcome Uni Watchers!

and thanks Paul for the shout-out in the ticker this morning! Uni Watch is by far my favorite site, and my #1 source for inspiration!

Invaders shoulder patches

here is a pic of the shoulder patches being "assembled"

i glued down the yellow invader guy first on a larger piece of twill. i then lined up the state of PA halves around it, and glued them into place. i worked from the middle out, rather than placing the state of PA perfect first, then lining up the invader guy. much more wiggle room, or room for error when you work form middle out. i sewed all that down. when finished i placed all the squares and the rectangle onto the newly sewn patch, glued & sewed. then i cut the outline with scissors by "eyeball" only. no marks on the edge of the patch.
credit to TK for the photo! looks great!

when you sign on with the Invaders...

this is what ya get (along with some hockey, of course):

this was made for TK's "limited edition fan" jersey. 'vaders fan stretch all the way to brooklyn, ny. you'll notice the 8" "8-bit" rear numbers are different than what the team wears on the ice. 1 it's easier for refs to read the block font, and 2 it's was changed after the "Invaders jerseys disasters" which i'll post here sometime soon...
all patches & numbers hand made from twill. this pic was taken right before all the gluing and sewing onto the jersey:

Thursday, November 4, 2010


that's all for today! bunch of invaders stuff posting soon...

project840: an explination

"project eight forty"


i want this blog to be about more about my DIY projects, and very little about my personal life outside my DIY hobby (and explinations about my favorite numbers, ahem).

also open and happy to post guest projects when they pop up here and there.


real simple, it's my 2nd favorite number since i was about 10 years old. we were on family vacation in ocean city maryland. me and my two older brothers (by 7 & 10 years) were racing go carts. i started to act a fool and bang them around the track. caused a wreck or two. won the race while driving car #8. on the last lap while heading into the parking/stopping area, over the loud speaker in the whole fun park "if you were just racing in so-in-so race, and you were #8, DO NOT buy a ticket for anymore rides for the rest of the night". as i pulled in, a guy stopped my cart with his foot and said "you know you're #8, right?" my parents were doubled over laughing at that point.


favorite number since high school varsity hockey. when i first got into ice hockey sophomore year, i was a heavier kid, so i wanted a big jersey. i picked a #39 goalie jersey and wore it for a season on JV. when i got bumped up to varsity hockey, the #39 wasn't available so i just moved up to #40. been wearing it ever since...

THE Invaders Jersey:

THIS is project840's introduction to the Invaders Jersey!
"The Invaders" is a team started up by a bunch of hockey-lovin' buddies here in pittsburgh. you don't have to be particularly good, you just have to know how to dish out and take a joke. or if you're like Eddie & Jason, our goalies, listen to endless ridicule coming from all ends of the ice and bench... sorry guys.

pictured is BK's limited edition "#25 superstar" jersey

Invaders T-Shirts for the team

in the future you'll be seeing a lot of "invaders hockey" posts. it's currently my main project. it's also the adult league ice hockey team i play, and design the jerseys for. so what a better way to introduce them to the blog by posting about our first ever shirts:
this will be on the front of the shirt:
this will be on the upper back:

all designs were created in AutoCAD and will be screen printed onto a soft, light-grey t-shirt, with a "distressed look"
orders go in tomorrow! give me a few weeks to post pics...