Thursday, October 6, 2011

desk buddy post #3

and as i look at bugs here, i can only wonder what he'd look like striped off in invaders colors...

hmmm... scratching my head...

sign me up to take on yet another DIY

Monday, October 3, 2011

happy customers!

3 of my designs!

the 2 black shirts are for Black Dawg BBQ. i was given the opportunity to create those logos for Vince, and my long time friend Bob, who started a competitive BBQ team (check out their facebook page by clicking: here). just how awesome is that? and speaking of "awesome", that's what the orange shirt "A" stands for. my friends over at Team Awesome wanted a new logo, and i sent that over to them. the trippy insides of the "A" was their first jersey design last year. i just basically slapped an "A" over top, and came up with that.

shirts, jerseys, hats, whatever, are WAY more comfy when you know the artist that created them ;-)

and... not for nothing... but the boys over at Black Dawg BBQ closed out their season with their best finish to date, wearing the shirt on the left... and yours truely is leading Team Awesome in goals to date, wearing the shirt in the middle... as if ya didn't know...