Friday, July 13, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dabbling in Sign Painting 2...

this is the style of letters i'd like to try to resize & recreate with a paint brush:


here are the rest of the colors i'm going to use:


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flag DIY, DDC style...

i've recently became a huge fan of Aaron James Draplin and the Draplin Design Co. Also, i had this really cool looking Sea Foam flag that needed a project. Had some extra  Gold material form my Invaders projects. So i thought i'd add them all together and try something new... a DIY flag!

i took the main DDC logo from the "Freight Train Torso Cover"


copy, pasted, traced, scaled, and printed in AutoCAD, as i do almost always:

 cut out some temporary templates good for about 2-3 good traces:



look how much thread i had left... couldn't sew another straight-away! SO close:




check out the scale... do those colors look sharp, or what?!?!


Aaron & the DDC gang, hope you enjoy the flag!

to all of you reading this post, find an hour to watch this video of Aaron and his 50 Point Plan! might just change the way you approach a few things in life:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes I Get Awesome Gifts... (From Scheibler)

thank you Will Scheibler! check out what he DIYed, and he even sent me one!

message from Will:

"Thought of making a fake farm team jersey of your Pittsburgh Invaders one for Thunder Bay (where I live). Used your INVADERS logo script and was thinking of either using the 3rd alien you didn't use or the mystery space ship. Maybe since it would be a farm team use the alien you have on the front of yours for the shoulders. I have a black jersey with yellow stripes (like the Bruins from the 80s) that has screen printing on the front I could cover over with a logo.

Incorporated the main geographical thing Thunder Bay is "famous" for - the Sleeping Giant (it's even on the city's flag) , and then added some waves on top. Originally thought of using all the colours in the flag but decided that would be way too much. Anyway, after goofing around for a while here's what I came up with so far"

here is the Sleeping Giant:

sleeping giant 

sleeping giant 2

here is the beautiful Thunder Bay flag:

thunder bay flag 1

i mean really, is that flag gorgeous, or what?!?!

here is the logo Will drew up:


here is the jersey Will DIYed:

will bruins invaders 

icing on the cake... here is a logo he sent to me! really, the camera/pic just doesn't do this logo justice! it's absolutely top notch work:


thanks again to the hardest working man in the DIY world, Mr. Will Scheibler!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dabbling in Sign Painting...

trying something new. always love getting into painting projects. VERY therapeutic

base white, main color is a light yellow:

Paco's Surf Shop Sign 

fun with homemade fonts:

Paco's Surf Shop Sign 

sharp! hopefully i can paint within the lines!

Paco's Surf Shop Sign 

stay tuned!

Paco's Surf Shop Sign