Monday, July 2, 2012

Dabbling in Sign Painting...

trying something new. always love getting into painting projects. VERY therapeutic

base white, main color is a light yellow:

Paco's Surf Shop Sign 

fun with homemade fonts:

Paco's Surf Shop Sign 

sharp! hopefully i can paint within the lines!

Paco's Surf Shop Sign 

stay tuned!

Paco's Surf Shop Sign


tom said...

Oh man, excited to see the results on this one. I loves me some hand painted signs. Is this for a home bar?

Captain Dummy said...

ha, maybe if i get a home bar someday. it will be more of just a wall piece in my studio... you know... when i actually get a studio. hahaha

bsbisht bisht said...

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Captain Dummy said...

thank you, very much!