Monday, November 15, 2010


here's a quickie little project i did as a gift to my GF, a huge Pavel Datsyuk fan.

i asked the help of my friend Joe H from maryland and of Jersey Name Frame fame. HIGHLY suggested, by the way. Joe does amazing work! speaking of Joe's work, i asked him if he could make me the Red Wings arched letters "PASHA" and the Red Wings number font "13". Joe recommended a scaled down version to fit a shirt rather than a jersey. he sent them up to me quickly, i ironed and sewed, and this was the result:

while Joe was busy cutting my letters and numbers, i jumped on eBay and ordered a slightly smaller then authentic Red Wings logo for the front. glued and stitched, here:

so that's that! a cool DIY and a happy GF, all in one shot. and like i said, especially with the holidays rolling around, check out Jersey Name Frame for an awesome gift for any sports fan!

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