Thursday, November 4, 2010

project840: an explination

"project eight forty"


i want this blog to be about more about my DIY projects, and very little about my personal life outside my DIY hobby (and explinations about my favorite numbers, ahem).

also open and happy to post guest projects when they pop up here and there.


real simple, it's my 2nd favorite number since i was about 10 years old. we were on family vacation in ocean city maryland. me and my two older brothers (by 7 & 10 years) were racing go carts. i started to act a fool and bang them around the track. caused a wreck or two. won the race while driving car #8. on the last lap while heading into the parking/stopping area, over the loud speaker in the whole fun park "if you were just racing in so-in-so race, and you were #8, DO NOT buy a ticket for anymore rides for the rest of the night". as i pulled in, a guy stopped my cart with his foot and said "you know you're #8, right?" my parents were doubled over laughing at that point.


favorite number since high school varsity hockey. when i first got into ice hockey sophomore year, i was a heavier kid, so i wanted a big jersey. i picked a #39 goalie jersey and wore it for a season on JV. when i got bumped up to varsity hockey, the #39 wasn't available so i just moved up to #40. been wearing it ever since...

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