Friday, November 19, 2010

Outlaws race sweater

here's a little project i had a lot of fun making. right out of high school i played dek hockey for a team called The Outlaws. so it only took me 1 season to redesign the jersey with this logo:

i've since updated it just a bit:

The Outlaws logo has ALWAYS been one of my very favorites. so i decided, why not DIY it. but instead of another hockey jersey, i went with a biking theme. these were amongst my first DIYs, so i was still using felt. all these pics were taken before i had the chance to sew down the letters and symbols. and then glue and sew them onto the jersey. maybe sometime next year i will buy twill, and make this sweater again... but a little tougher. enjoy:

racing themed number/nameplate with screen name/nickname rather than last name:

shot a bit farther away:

sleeve patch:

close up of the front wordmark detail:

front (love the color scheme):

whole front:


patches (note my love for the state of PA with a logo in the middle breaking it up):

and of course, my love for #40. Pittsburgh Penguins style number font:

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