Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#40 of the day goes to...

above is Matt Robinson sportin' his new Terps uniform in their 32-24 win over the "Canes in College Park, MD

my thoughts?

when i first saw this jersey... i HATED IT! wrote it off immediately, as i do most college jersey garbage these days!

but... i have to admit, to be fair, it grew on me... BIG TIME!

i actually LIKE the jersey. i like what it's trying for. i did a total 180 on the damn thing. sure, there is a bunch of design elements that can be changed, and or flip-flopped. like the helmet/shoulder colors.

here is the right side:

 here is the left (LOVE that side of the helmet):

and here is the Maryland flag:

quick fixes, it could ditch the compression sleeves, flip flop the helmet colors, ditch the pants stripes for something a tad bit more simple, and maybe throw on a nameplate for the kids. but other than that... i'd wear it

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