Tuesday, September 13, 2011

non-jersey DIY...

but what will it be? you'll see in the next post! i'm using the inside of the Invaders re-do numbers because they're all around smaller:


went to work fast on these. still need to glue them to the item, and snap some pics. it's all leading up to a larger scale DIY i will be working on just as soon as i receive the material

unrelated to the 2 or 3 DIYs mentioned above, i snapped these pics one night this past weekend in Ocean City MD. love the old school feel. and look how the black on the neon is wearing out:

LOVE the old school/vintage "olympic pool, AC/heat, color TV, radio" sign! if it works, keep it! the harrison is a really great little hotel to stay in. right on the boardwalk!

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