Thursday, March 31, 2011

40OTD guest post! TK version...

in honor of opening day, guest spot from Terence Kearns

J.J. Putz wore number 44 in Seattle,, but wore the beloved, Big Four-O, at his Presser in December 2008, after a trade from Seattle.

Oddly enough, his chose to wear number 22 that season, and maybe the switch had something to do with his less than stellar performance for the Mets in 2009, as he only saved 2 games in 29 appearances with a 5.22 ERA, and his season was over by June. A great excerpt from sums up Putz's tenure with the Mets:

"A top closer with Seattle but not yet paid  like one, Putz's acquisition, announced the day after the Mets signed closer F Rodriguez, provided the biggest jolt of 2008 off season and almost a comical act of compensation for a beleaguered bullpen."

Some have pointed to his unfortunate surname as an explanation of his performance as a Met, but I submit that it was his poor decision to switch Uni numbers...
Terence M.K.

couldn't agree with you more, TK! Putz is such a... ahhh, nevermind! thanks!

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