Friday, March 18, 2011

#40 of the day goes to... (St Paddy's Day Edition)

cramming in a couple today, actually:

first up, Kurt Thomas of the Bulls wearing their St. Paddy's day get-up:

pretty sharp jersey, can't hate it! but the Bulls logo and color scheme have always been one of my favorites. and when i think of the Bulls, i think of those dominant MJ teams.

love the logo so much, in fact, that i bought a Bulls patch off of eBay for a future DIY. the only problem is that the description didn't mention the "Chicago Bulls" lettering. see my patch:

no biggie though, i have scissors...

the next #40's of the day goes to, "The Definitive Notre Dame Uniform History Pictorial" posted by One Foot Down

first up, the 1977 Fighting Irish during a fan-packed preseason game:

then 1992, we have Reggie Brooks:

another cool shot of Reggie (not from the site):

that's great!

i don't feel like typing anymore, so that's it for today's (Irish themed) #40's!

TK, i'll run your #40OTD guest post soon! promise! and hope you have a safe trip across PA to visit us this weekend. we'll try to show you a great time!

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