Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy Night for Stencils...

first thing i did, was take the stencils i made the other day and put them to use

remember these:

i measured my blank shirt, found the top center for where the logo would be, and marked it:

i then centered the stencil/freezer paper, and ironed it on. was amazed at how much the freezer paper cooperated. i took the old cut out of the paper and lined it up with the outer edge of my stencil:

 you can see i marked off spots for the center "spoke hole" design:

lined up the design and ironed that too:

then painted with a spray-on fabric paint. i wanted to get a worn/distressed feel for the logo:

oops! didn't use my brain too hard on that one, eh:

no worries, seemed a bit off and too intricate for my first time anyway. so i painted over the mistake:

that's it for the white boarder! on to the next step soon...

round 2 of my night

3 Invaders jerseys in various stages:

#17 for my teammate Jeff has all the necessary parts: front logo, shoulder logo, rear numbers, & shoulder numbers. no worries there! Connor's Brown & Gold Original has the front logo, and shoulder logo finished. need to make him rear numbers (original 8" digital style), & shoulder numbers. at this point, only players that actually play on the team get the "varsity block" numbers on their Brown & Gold Original (unless otherwise requested either way). Ben's White & Gold PA Jersey however... has nothing completed! the White & Gold Jersey needs the front "PA Invasion" logo, the shoulder "drop shadow I" logo, 3" black-gold-black digital shoulder numbers, & the 8" rear digital numbers. so i spent about an hour or so tracing everything out:

then i called it a night...

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