Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monster Grip...

alright, it's the "Master Grip" but a famous one at that!!!

i scored this off of eBay recently:

straight outta Detroit City!

is the perfect accessory to my very favorite accessory:

seriously, i've carried that PBR bottle opener on a chain with me for well over 5 years now. if you see me and i DON'T have it, don't panic & seek help because there's something weird goin' on.

i have pretty busy fingers and i love to "fidget" with random things. as i look around my desk, i have a track wheel from an old mouse i spin, a huge nut & bolt i found that i spin, the Invaders hockey puck that i mess with, paper clips, velcro, pocket leatherman tools, etc.. but i always loved the way this just "lives." fits perfect in the hand, and the ball-chain just moves and flows like nothing else. sometimes i wear it too, not too often though...

why did i put an old steel bottle opener on a ball chain in the first place? well, maybe you've seen another one just like it:

and yes, heaven forbid if i ever lost it (happened a good 2 or 3 times)... i have back-up:


tom said...

This is awesome. I love it. And I love that fact that you got the idea from Cool Hand Luke.

Captain Dummy said...


one of my all time fav movies!

Jason Hathaway said...

Check these out. I started a necklace shop on Etsy a couple years ago with Cool Hand Luke as my main inspiration.