Friday, April 13, 2012

Couple things to take you into the weekend...

this first pic is for Ben Traxel. it's my old DIYed Invaders Puck.

never really posted it, because it didn't say "Invaders Hockey" to me... just the Invader guy on a puck. but, i promised Ben i'd snap a pic of it after he sent me this pic of a VERY creative use of a Uni Watch sticker!

how cool is that?!?! also featured on UW itself. check it out, click here:

next up is a knife that i have on my desk that i scribbled on, literally, years ago! charming little thing, and ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.

check out both sides below:

the Invaders are off to the ol' Labatt Hockey Tourney in Columbus, OH this weekend, wish us luck!

hope you all have a very happy Friday the 13th, and an all around great weekend!

1 comment:

greyraven8 said...

Hoping "Blue smiles along with you" at the Labatt's tournament.

[reference to old Labatt's beer commercials]