Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Fail: Puck Edition

i wanted to make a few more pucks like the Invaders puck that i keep at my desk:

no biggie, right?

this time around though, i wanted to do my own design. so i choose to attempt the simplest of Invaders logos... the shoulder patch:

i taped off the face of the puck with masking tape. i printed, to scale, colorless "wire" design. i then taped that on top of the first piece of masking tape. the puck was now face, masking tape, paper, masking tape. i knew you could see thru the top layer of tape, and cut thru all three layers. see for yourself:






no pics of the spray painting process, i didn't want to "yellow" up my camera phone (i'm a bit of a mess).

the paint stayed sticky, and didn't really jive with the smoothness of the puck like it did the first time around. so i wrapped it up in this nice note, and sent it to a lucky friend! is it you??? you'll know by tuesday-ish


and THAT'S a DIY fail! was fun to do though, and totally looking forward to the next one... because... you know what happens soon after a good DIY fail:

(flickr set of pics can be found here)


Jim Mellett said...

Ryan there's an airbrush masking product you can use instead of tape. Frisket. It comes in matte and glossy and is rubbed down on the surface similar to contact paper. You can see through it like to tracing paper and you cut it the way you did your masking tape but only through one layer. Try it. Thanks for the nice comments about my DIY cornhole boards. Jim

T.M.K. said...

Cap'n Dummy, you're my hero!

Captain Dummy said...

good info, Jim! i was just looking for a cheapy quickie DIY, but i'll certainly make note of that. the face of the puck way WAYYY too glossy for the paint to stay.

oh, those cornhole boards are the best! i think the NFL should pay you to use and market that idea!

Anonymous said...

Masking tape is no good for frisket cutting, the paint will bleed under it. Adhesive vinyl as used in the sign industry will lay flatter and you can rub it down with a squeegee and no paint will get under it.

However, that’s moot because enamel paint will NOT DRY on rubber/vinyl material like that puck. I know, I’ve hand-painted vinyl banners in my sign shop with enamel paint and the paint was still sticky a week later. That’s why pucks are done with silk-screen ink and not enamel paint. You can try using a spray fixative from the art supply store on the puck first, sometimes that works when I have to paint a rubber basketball… and sometimes it doesn’t work…
-Jet, from UniWatch

Captain Dummy said...

cool, jet. great info! thanks for that