Thursday, October 4, 2012

houndogg designs: informal introduction and quickie DIY

informal introduction, i have a freelance design company that goes by the name:

(i also have a main page currently being updated over at will be up and running in November)

my wordmark:

houndogg wordmark

my primary logo:

houndogg h

i even fly my own flag:

houndogg flag
future DIY flag, by the way...

so i decided to create a quick DIY shoulder patch. normal steps: scaled to size, cut templates, traced, cut. ready for glue and sewing:




project840 will not be going away. this blog will still be my DIY dump off

lots of great/fun stuff to come from houndogg designs!

thank you all for the support thus far,




tom said...

You rock buddy, love this.

Captain Dummy said...

thanks brotha! glad you like