Friday, January 14, 2011

Alex, you have a fan...

 my friend tanner is a HUGE fan of the team and jerseys (he's the little guy on the left in the pic of the invaders shirts). so i figured I'd do a quick creative DIY for him. bought a plain yellow t-shirt for $5ish, got out the stencils, and traced a "replica-type jersey" (or really cheap t-shirt) just for him. check out the pics. pretty self explanatory, so i wont go into details. enjoy:

asked him to pick a favorite number, and whaddaya know... he picked non-other than evgeni mal... errr... Alex! so congrats to Alex, you have another fan!



another masterpiece in the books... was really easy and didn't take long at all. dusted off the 'ol stencils and put them to good use!

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