Tuesday, January 11, 2011


well, 44 and an "S"

happy new year everybody! took a little break from the blog, no biggie.

to ease into 2011, I'm finishing up the final few Invaders jerseys!

that means newer edition to the team, Adam's 44 shoulder numbers:

got out the templates, and started with the yellow. put sticky on the back of the templates so they don't slide around when tracing:

note on the template reads: TV #4 Yellow Back
"TV" means TV numbers. it's what they call shoulder numbers in football. the rest of the note should be fairly obvious:

tracing the black material:

all cut and ready to be glued & sewn. also a random "S" that i had lost for a front Invaders logo:

that's it for now! almost finished with the Invaders project!

again, happy new year and best wishes in 2011 and beyond...

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