Wednesday, August 24, 2011

stop and smell some other roses on some other truck. this bushel smelled bad...

a few weeks back, Uni Watch ran a post that praised the uniqueness of a meat raffle sign in upstate new york. the quickie little post is here:

the ironic thing for me was a picture i snapped in work traffic back on April 28th:

how endearingly simple was this text spray painted on a HUGE garbage truck! look further into the detail... were these stencils of some sort? the uneven spray, and the fuzzy-ness around some of the edges would tell me yes. did someone take the time out to make a dash? if so, why did the tape off the center of the top section of the "R" but leave the "A" as is? and last, LOVE the block lettering!

no matter what the deal with this... the bottom line is... someone had a little fun during a hard day at work... hopefully! after all, isn't that the DIY spirit?

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