Thursday, August 4, 2011

most of the time, i sketch it out...

here is a sketch i JUST started to work on for my sister-in-law's band "Pimp Fly"... was just about to ramp up the effort... then the band changed names!

check out Kill Room's FB fan page here:

and check out this fly little fly that never got to fly... maybe i'll revisit it sometime. till then, bottoms up little fella!

we've seen this little monkey here. he keeps getting bigger every day. hit a speed bump drawing his arm, and a few other projects popped up. but will get back into this design soon enough.

for the heck of it, here's the Slag Monkees Cycling Club fan page. soon as that logo is finished up, i'll get to designing jerseys/shirts. stay tuned!

this is/was the start of a retro 40s Invaders logo i messed around with for a bit. built off of that, and created something kinda cool. but we'll have to wait on the finished product... future DIY! wanted a "comic book title" feel to the Invaders wordmark. and played off a War of the Worlds feel on the little spaceship-hockey stick legs:

i have a new desk buddy named Laserbeak. Laserbeak, if you remember, is based off of a condor... so i wanted to sketch out a more condor-like metal/machine wing. just messing around really

was gonna AutoCAD it up and make it look pretty mean, but never made it to that step yet. more busy/bored work to do down the line:

by now you can probably tell i usually keep 1 sheet of paper next to my desk to sketch on. i'll doodle all over it. would take a pic, but there's work numbers and what-nots on it that maybe i shouldn't share :-)

last but not least, was sketching an old timey, early cartoony dog the other day while thinking up a logo for something else.

hope you all enjoyed! posting my second guest DIY entry next week, so stay tuned for that!

hope you all have a safe, fun weekend!

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