Tuesday, June 21, 2011

home field advantage...

Paul Lukas had another REALLY cool article over at Uni Watch today titled "Mining Diamonds in the Sky." it was basically about flying from one point to another and noticing local baseball diamonds "tattooing" our landscape. really cool to see all the different set ups, and the different levels of each field or park.

"Their elemental simplicity and geometric perfection seemed somehow magnified by my high-altitude vantage point"

so i immediately wanted to check out, and share the google map version of the field that i grew up on:

it was only named Memorial Field in my little league and pony league days. still... brings back A LOT of fun memories! shoot, i can almost still see the cinder block my dad used to sit on to watch me play right field...

not for nothing, here is the park that i spent almost every day playing my favorite sport hockey:

can definitely see where mom pulled up and yelled at me for playing too much hockey one particular day and almost missing our evening plans! hee hee

NW, worn down tennis court was all ours. damn, those were fun times!

my limited writing skills did no justice to Paul's wonderful post over at Uni Watch, so go check it out and enjoy!

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