Wednesday, June 22, 2011

happy birthday Frosty!

a day late on the birthday wishes, but wanted this to be it's own post.

David Frost is a fellow DIYer and the man behind the completely awesome Custom Jersey Guy site! i mean really, go check it out! the guy can make just about ANYTHING into a custom jersey of the highest quality. and i know that first hand!

when it was announced last season, or last year, that Green Bay was going to wear a throwback i loved the style right away:

even though those dirt bags beat my steelers in the... bahhh!

so anyway, i play dek hockey occasionally for a team whose colors are red/white/black. what a great opportunity to ask the services of the Frost-Man!

after only an e-mail, he knew exactly what i wanted and created this:



"paco" is an old nickname my dad would call me every once in a while for a laugh. and i'm usually against putting my last name on the back of jerseys when i don't really need to. also, i label a lot of things with "paco" as a little shout out to both my mom and my dad:

(look close at the bottom inside seem of the middle jersey. sorry, best pic at the moment)

Frosty also made is own DIY Ryberto's jersey, which i can't tell you just how cool that is:

so, happy birthday, Frosty! hope to share a beer or 2 with you sometime soon...

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