Friday, May 6, 2011

Building a Character...

working on a logo for the Slag Monkeys CC, i decided to change my blog approach. in past projects, i took this blog through a step-by-step without giving too much away until the end. giving it an air of secrecy. but this time, i want to almost update in real time. already posted my initial sketches (and was pretty well satisfied as to where they were going):

now it's AutoCAD's turn. usually i'll do one of 2 things when transferring from sketch to digital. 1) i'll snap a pic of the sketch (as i did above), then e-mail it to myself (using a Motorola Droid). then i will copy the image, paste it into ACAD, then roughly trace over it (making the pasted image "unselectable" and "moving it to back" so the traced lines show thru)... OR... 2) i'll keep it at my side and glance at it for reference as i draw and shape polylines.

option "2" is currently what i'm doing:

perfectly happy with the jump off of this character. as you can see above the reference lines i use for the shoulders/shoulder angle, the length of the arms, and the general placement of the hands. everything from the chin down will eventually be repositioned and erased. in my best Capt. Barbosa imitation: "more like guidelines..."

any questions, just comment me!

hope you all have a great safe weekend! and a very happy mothers day to the women we love :-)

till next week...

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