Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pittsburgh Mash-Up

little project, and, probably my 4th or 5th DIY ever that i did for Uni Watch. the trend was creating a "sports/city mash-up". lot's of people were mashing together the actual logos, like the Baltimore orioles bird with a ravens helmet. i took a different route. i based mine of the Pittsburgh city flag:

4 things to note: the castle, the lite-blue checkerboard pattern, the 3 coins, and the crest shield

so i took Pittsburgh's beloved sports teams logos and messed around with some ideas:

after a little work, i finally came up with this logo:

added some color:

then got to work:

here are some pics of the detail:

VERY long process, everything is glued, felt, and now the logo is framed in my dining room. completely happy with the result though!


strugglingwriter said...

As a lifelong fan of those three teams, I have to say. That is awesome!

Captain Dummy said...

thanks!!! was REALLY hard to make, but loved how it turned out