Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY joke: for Ed & Batman edition...

give away your season tickets for bobblehead night to two of your good buddies... rag on them all night about how bad you want the bobblehead, and that one of us jerks better give ours up... and this is what happens:
absolutely GORGEOUS night for a baseball game. chill in the air... just beautiful: 

our Buccos won, raise the jolly roger! any fan would be pissed that they missed that one.
bobblehead aftermath...
snatched up a couple of stones and a railroad spike from behind my office:
Ed's bobblehead joke

packing tape treatment:

Ed's bobblehead joke

sharpie action: 
Ed's bobblehead joke
cherry on top: 
Ed's bobblehead joke
suck on that, Ed: 
Ed's bobblehead joke

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