Monday, March 5, 2012

Invaders Cover Up!!!

CIA secrets? alien vessel crash landing in our own backyard?


i'm just here to report that i no longer skate for the "Reebok" Invaders!

as promised, i deleted the front "Reebok" mark from my own jersey.


is now, this:

but upon further inspection...

who am i to not try something new (to me, anyways)?

"P I T" in "Invaders font"

PIT of course being the airport code for Pittsburgh. much like the Phoenix Suns who use "PHX" and the Atlanta Hawks "ATL"

the cover up material i used was a few shades off from the jersey color, and is a slightly different material itself. there is NO WAY i'm finding a match without cutting up the exact style jersey. so rather then sewing it on, and pretending to ignore it... i did something that i thought would almost make the slight difference "on purpose"

navy, on navy, on navy... 3 different materials and shades (including the twill used for the letters). can't see it from a distance... but if and when you DO spot a slight difference... and maybe take a closer look... it's kind of an "oh... cool!" feeling...

plus i didn't want to use another color for the letters because a) i didn't want to make the front of the jersey any more busy, and b) didn't want to stand out from my teammates too much.

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