Friday, April 29, 2011

#40 of the day goes to... (2nd round Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition)

the 40s (as listed on the NHL roster (Dustin Tokarski, i'm looking at you)) remaining in the playoffs:

starting with backup, backup goalie Dustin Tokarski:

Kent Huskins, seen here on Feb 9th, has missed 20+ games (and is still out) with an "upper body" injury. bummer:

Tuukka Rask. always a possibility he'll see time during the playoff season

one of the coolest names in hockey, Maxim LaPierre:

(easy around that crease, big fella!)

and last but not least, one of my favorite non-penguins, Z:

(IR during the first round with a wonky ankle... he's skating again)

the other bottom feeders left in the playoffs aren't worth mentioning. they are dirty and lack a #40

naturally, my pick is Detroit. the best #40 in the NHL, one of the best uniforms in the NHL, great history, Pavs, "the Joe" is awesome, and they can put together an opening video like nobody's business:

this music is TOO bad ass:

keep "howlin' on" through the playoffs, boys:

hope everyone has an awesome, safe weekend!

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